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giovedì 9 settembre 2010

The Motor City

Classic soul philly funk unmixed. Prezzo 9.00€.


1. chairmen of the board everything's tuesday
2. freda payne you brought the joy
3. the barrino brothers i shall not be moved
4. the honey cone while you're out looking for sugar
5. the silent majority colors of my love
6. flaming ember westbound no.9
7. 100 proof aged in soul somebody's been sleeping (in my bed)
8. freda payne bring the boys home
9. the 8th day you've got to crawl (before you walk)
10. holland & dozier new breed kinda woman
11. laura lee remember me
12. the politicians love machine
13. flaming ember i'm not my brother's keeper
14. brian holland i'm so glad
15. 100 proof aged in soul one man's leftovers (is another man's feast)
16. the honey cone one monkey don't stop no show
17. tyrone edwards can't get enough of you
18. the hi-lites that's love
19. new york port authority i guess i'm gonna cry
20. scherrie payne v.i.p.
21. the honey cone want ads
22. melvin davis you made me over;
23. tyrone edwards you took me from a world outside
24. eloise laws stay with me
25. holland & dozier why can't we be lovers

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